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{VIRTUAL} What They Read Matters: Why Kids Need Books They Can Decode?

Monday, February 12, 2024 · 10:30 a.m. · Central Time (US & Canada)
About This Webinar

What They Read Matters: Why Kids Need Books They Can Decode?

We are thrilled to host Heidi Anne Mesmer, Leader of the Reading Specialist Program at Virginia Tech, to share her research on accelerating reading achievement in grade K-2.

Join us virtually to learn about the Science of Reading.

February 12th
10:30 am-12:00 pm CT

What They Read Matters: Why Kids Need Books They Can Decode?
Think that your phonics instruction is over once students can blend short words? Think again! High quality literacy instruction “closes the deal” teaching students to decode and understand “big words,” right from the start. This pivotal “under the radar” skill is essential for reaching the levels of comprehension that are expected in the intermediate grades.
Participants will leave this session equipped with a) information about how word parts of big words work (syllables and morphemes); b) a scope and sequence for teaching word parts, with special attention to addressing appropriate parts K-1; c) strategies and techniques for teaching the many different word parts that advance students’ decoding and understanding (e.g., inflections, derivational morphemes, bound roots, compounds, affixes). Significant emphasis will be placed on appropriate practice that "adds in" elements without replacing high quality phonics instruction in single syllable words.

  • 10:30 AM - Virtual event stream begins
  • 10:35 AM - Heidi Anne Mesmer
  • 11:15 PM - Just Right Reader Demonstration
  • 11:30 AM - Conversation to wrap up
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Featured Presenters
Webinar hosting presenter
Leader of Reading Specialist Program at Virginia Tech
Heidi Anne E. Mesmer, Ph.D., is a Professor in Literacy in the School of Education at Virginia Tech. She has studied beginning reading materials, text difficulty, and struggling readers since 1999. Her research has appeared in Reading Research Quarterly, The Educational Researcher, Elementary School Journal, and Early Childhood Research Quarterly. She has written and directed eight grants aimed at improving reading instruction in K-5 classrooms. Dr. Mesmer is the author of several books including Letter Lessons and First Words: Phonics Foundations that Work (Heinemann, 2019), Alphabetics for Emerging Learners: Building Strong Reading Foundations in PreK (2021). Teaching skills for complex text: Deepening reading in the classroom (Teachers College Press, 2016) Her research has been supported by a National Academy of Education/Spencer Foundation, and an American Educational Research Association/Institute of Education Sciences grant. She is the recipient of the Outreach Award, from the College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences at Virginia Tech, and the Promising Scholar Award, from the School of Education, Virginia Tech. In 2014, she delivered The George Graham Lecture in Reading at the Curry School of Education, University of Virginia. She is regularly called upon by states and professional organizations to deliver lectures in her area of expertise (e.g., International Literacy Association, State of Maryland)
Webinar hosting presenter
Impact Manager
Terri K. Hunt, M.Ed. is the Impact Manager at Just Right Reader. She creates content for students and teachers that is both diverse and engaging. Her mission as a professional is to teach well and lead the way. At her core, Terri is a teacher who takes great pride in the role she plays in the life of every learner. With over 20 years of experience in education, Terri has engaged a wide range of learners from the elementary classroom to the professional development of instructional leaders. Terri obtained her undergraduate degree in education from Oakwood University (formerly Oakwood College) and her graduate degree in educational psychology from the University of Georgia. She holds a gifted endorsement as well as a reading certification.
Webinar hosting presenter
Director of Partnerships
Webinar hosting presenter
Founder & CEO Just Right Reader
Just Right Reader was founded by Sara Rich, a principal, who is passionate about kids, books, teaching and, most of all, making reading fun and accessible for all.

Sara was a principal for more than 20 years, and she specializes in reading and literacy development. She traveled to more than 35 states training teachers and principals in reading and writing skill development. Because of her success in supporting schools to raise reading achievement levels, she was recognized as San Francisco Mayor's Principal of the Year.

And yet, a few years ago, her own daughter, Izzie, was struggling to read. This was a tough realization. So she jumped in and did what she knew and started working with Izzie to support her as a reader. Sara brought home decodable books from school and celelebrated Izzie's growth. When Izzie conquered a reading skill, Sara would determine her new reading needs and start again.

Sara and Izzie felt that the decodables that they read together could be more engaging and just plain old more fun. So Sara recruited a team of reading experts and phonics leaders and started the hard work of making decodables better for students, families, and teachers. Thus was born the idea for Just Right Reader.

Our mission is to make reading fun and for students to learn to read with engaging decodables that are representative of students in America's schools. When students want to read and feel successful, their achievement rises!
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